About Me


I am a Paid Social Media Planner and work across both Adidas & Reebok accounts.

I have worked across these accounts for nearly two years now helping to plan, execute, and optimise paid ad campaigns on social media.

Before this, I worked as a Digital Marketing Intern for a Startup within the Influencer Marketing space.

My Journey

After graduating with a degree in Sport & Exercise Science and working briefly as a Personal Trainer after college. I soon realised this was not the career for me. I didn’t have the confidence in myself to succeed in this field.

This forced me to reevaluate what I wanted to do as a career. (At this point, I really wished I chose a different degree) something that opened more doors for me. This is when I decided to go back to university and study a Masters in Sport Management.

Why Sports Management? Well, I wanted to do a Masters in Business but they didn’t accept my Undergrad degree. Therefore, I chose Sports Management as it covered business modules like Marketing, Finance & Entrepreneurship. 

How I got into Digital Marketing

During my Masters, I decided to start looking for ways to make extra money as I was only working part-time. Previously, I had created a few blogs but never really knew how to monetize them. I also worked a few freelance jobs in writing articles for websites amongst several other jobs.

I tried that for a while and then decided I would focus my efforts on selling online. So I went to my attic and found loads of old stuff to sell on eBay to use as start-up money.

After researching, I learned that there was money to be made selling clothes on eBay. So I went around charity shops, thrift stores, on Facebook Marketplace, etc. to find inventory and create a store. About 6 months after starting, I was generating around £3,500 a month in sales at around a 45% profit margin. At this time I was also selling on Amazon & Etsy.

After several months I struggled to scale and decided to pack it in and look for other ways to make money.

So I decided to learn about Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping. I focused my efforts on dropshipping as it seemed more exciting. I created a store on Shopify and found dropshipping suppliers. That’s when I learned about the power of Facebook advertising.

Before this, I never thought it would be possible to attract hundreds of visitors to my own site. This was a breakthrough for me. This is when I fell in love with digital marketing.

Developing my Knowledge in Digital Marketing & Landing my First Job

From this point on, I knew this was what I wanted to pursue a career in. I would have liked to create a full-time income from my store, but I decided I would put all my efforts into securing a future in Digital Marketing. I kept my store for a little longer, using it as a way to develop my Facebook Ad skills, testing different strategies etc.

Once I knew that Digital Marketing was the career path for me, I started looking at what sort of jobs to apply for after graduation. I started to learn more about other Digital Marketing disciplines in order to cast a wider net and create more opportunities.

I knew I wanted a job within Facebook Ads, however, I also was open to getting a job in other disciplines like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, etc. After about 6-9 months later, when it was time to graduate, I had all this knowledge across various digital marketing disciplines.

In fact, I had landed myself a 3 month long unpaid digital Marketing internship. So I packed my bags & moved from Ireland to go live in London. Of course, I had to get a side job in the meantime, so I worked in a bar to help pay my way.

After the 3 months, I then earned myself a job for MediaCom, working in Paid Social. Ever since I have been working on the Adidas & Reebok accounts. I am lucky to work with brands that run ads across so many different social media platforms. This has given me the opportunity to specialize in advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest & Tik Tok.

Reach Out

Feel free to contact me, send me an email, or join me on Twitter or Linkedin. I enjoy connecting with people in this space, sharing experience, and expertise. So feel free to connect!