Using Social media to grow your business

Using social media has become the essence of online marketing, becoming a great tool to interact with potential customers, enhance your brand and grow your business. It helps you differentiate yourself, and increase awareness of your brand or business. By growing your online presence, this will help bring you closer to the customer and build trust, which is an important factor in a purchasing decision.

It can be overwhelming when starting off with so much information thrown at you. How can you make the most of social media for your brand/business? I will go through some of the biggest platforms and how you can use them to your advantage. There is no magic formula when it comes to social media. Just make sure you try lots of different things at a small scale and then go all-in on what works best for you.

Which Social Media Platform should I use to grow my business?

First of all, you don’t need to be using every platform, but it does help. If you are serious about creating your own business and creating the life you want, then you need to start dedicating time to each platform so that they are all growing in unison. You can always focus more on 1 or two platforms but it does no harm to expand your customer base. Using each social media platform grants you with so many marketing opportunities for you to grow your business.


This is the biggest social media platform out there, which is why you need to be using it. However, organic reach is getting smaller making it harder to get your content seen. Within minutes you can create your very own Facebook page where you can showcase your products and/or services. Now you can add a shop to your page where your customers can purchase your products directly. This creates an extra selling platform for your business. You can also set up an instant pop up welcoming message when people visit your page to add a personal touch and engage the customer.

Facebook, like most other social media platforms, allows you to build your customer base organically or through paid advertising. I would advise you to try and build your page organically when starting out. Then, once you become more confident you can run highly targeted ads to potential customers and rapidly grow your social media following and business.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Here is where you should be using a mix of organic and paid advertising to drive sales. However, you need to be offering more value to your customers. Offering free value to customers without expecting anything in return offers more incentive. Nobody likes seeing too many of the same ads. So make sure you have lots of content posted organically aswell. Some great ideas for organic content are by producing high-quality images or videos of your products or customers using your service. Paid advertising will help you reach your desired customers at a much more rapid speed and drive customers to your site, which you can retarget time and time again to build your customer base. If you have never run paid ads online before, you will be shocked at how quickly this can drive huge numbers to your site.


Another rapidly growing social media platform with over 1Billion users worldwide. Instagram is designed for sharing images and videos. Now with Instagram stories and Instagram live you can market your business on a more personal level and create a real buzz around it. One massive advantage Instagram has over Facebook and other platforms are its engagement rate. According to influencemarketinghub – Instagram has an engagement rate of approx.. 8% for those with less than 1000 followers and 4% with those between 5k – 10k followers. Also, with paid advertising on Instagram, you can typically reach more people for less cost than Facebook and Pinterest. It is definitely worth investing a good amount of time daily on Instagram to help grow your business.

How to use Instagram to grow your Business

Learning how to use hashtags will go a long way in the Instagram game. They can be extremely powerful and get your business in front of thousands of people, without spending a penny. This platform allows you to network with people in the same niche as you. In fact, interacting with each other can help each other grow. You can comment on other businesses’ products or services. This allows you to get your profile and business seen by lots of people and allow you to steal potential customers. You can also advertise on Instagram via the Facebook Business Manager. It offers extra avenues for you to get your products and services in front of your customers. You can run Facebook & Instagram ads alongside each other and the Facebook platform will optimise your ads towards the best platform.


Pinterest is a growing platform and highly appropriate for creative businesses in particular, where you can create visual content. Many customers look to Pinterest for ideas and compare creative designs. This is a major opportunity for you to showcase your products or service. The platform allows you to create pins (products/designs) within boards, which are like categories. This helps you organize your products, especially if you have many. The way it works, is a person will search particular keywords e.g. “wooden worktop” and then they will see your “wooden kitchen worktop” appear.  Then they will click on the pin, which will open the product description more clearly and show the other pins on your board. If they really like the product, they click on it and it will drive them directly to the product on your website.

Here is an example of how it works

  • Click on the Pin
Pinterest - how to use social media to grow your business
  • This will drive the user to the site (if there is a URL linked)
Pinterest Pin - grow your business with social media

How to use Pinterest to generate sales and grow your business

First of all, you need to create a profile clearly showing what your page is about. Then you can customize your home page which acts as your storefront. By using categories this helps people find your products with ease. You can create one pin with a “How to” guide for example “How to design your kitchen” or “how to get more clients” with a great infographic. Then once the user opens the pins you can have short points on what to look for etc with a link to your storefront or a particular product category page. In terms of paid advertising, as this platform is still quite new I would gently test using small amounts of the budget. I have another article on how to run Pinterest paid ads and what ad objectives you should use here.

What about the other social media Platforms? Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc.

Twitter, Snapchat & LinkedIn also create great opportunities for your business if used correctly. These platforms are very useful for B2B businesses in particular and help you narrate your brand story effectively through regular content and engagement. Paid advertising can generate great results and get your business in front of your target audience.

Paid Social Media Advertising vs. Organic

As a paid social media specialist, I would heavily suggest investing a little bit of money and time into running paid ads. There are a lot of bad courses out there on paid social media advertising, but there are some good ones. Starting off, you should invest more time into learning paid ads through free resources. I have put together some free resources for you that will help you get started. You can also contact me for more advice or guidance.

However, if you are using paid advertising, that doesn’t mean you should abandon posting organic content. You still need to be posting regularly on social media in order to grow your business and also rank higher with each post. In fact, if you have any questions I am here to help. Just send us a message and I will get back to you.

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