21 Online jobs for college students in 2020

For most, college is a time where you can stay up late and sleep into all hours of the day. On a good week, you might make it to one or two classes. You may think you have it tough now but trust me when you finish and get a real job, you will realize how easy you had it. So enjoy college life while it lasts.

In order for you to fully experience college life, you need some money, right? For me, my routine (waking up at noon every day) wouldn’t allow me to get a “real job”. However, through some of these online jobs below, I was able to make sufficient money at college to enjoy myself. So if you like to stay up to 4 a:m and sleep in every day, here are some online jobs you can do to pay your way for a great college experience.

Pretty much all of these online jobs don’t require any experience, however, you will need a laptop. Some of the jobs will only allow you to make so much, whereas, others will allow you to make much more. In fact, if you start to get really good, you can actually make lots of money in college. So here are some online jobs for college students to get started with.

Best online jobs for college students to make money

1. Online Tutoring

What did you study at high school or secondary school? Can you speak a second language? Online tutoring is one of the most popular online jobs for college students. School wasn’t that long ago for you. I’m sure if you refreshed your brain a little you could teach someone who is in their final year of school how to pass their exams.

online tutoring jobs

You could also teach people English or another language. Sites like tutor.com, fiverr and tutorful are a great place to start. Social media is a great way to let people know that you are offering tutoring services.

Word of mouth is a strong way to get your first student as more than likely someone on your friend’s list will know someone who will be looking for extra tutoring. This could be a friend on your mum’s child or friend of a friend of a friend. Trust me, social media is a powerful tool to help you get your first student.

2. Freelance writer

Believe it or not, if you made it college, then you are more than capable of writing. I found after my first year at college, my writing skills came on leaps and bounds. There are so many online freelancing jobs and opportunities for college students. This is probably one of the most sought after online jobs among college students looking extra cash.

Everyone now is a blogger (including myself) and are looking for people to write for them. We are living in an era where content is key and in order to rank on google, we must create quality content on a regular basis. However, not everyone has the time to create 2/3 articles a week. This is where you come in. You can create a 1,000 – 2,000 word article and make $50- 80. College students have plenty of time on their hands so this could be a perfect job for you.

Let’s say you create 1 article a week, that’s all beer money you need. In fact, you could actually make a business out of this and have your own team working for you.

3. Start a Blog Website

If you don’t want to write for someone else, you can write for yourself and create your own blog. If you have a side hobby that you are passionate about or something that you are knowledgeable in, you can create your own website and make a side income from it.

online jobs - Siteground home page

To create a website, you need to sign up to a web hosting provider like Siteground to start building your blog. You can make more money from a blog than you ever could with other online jobs. To be successful and make lots of money from your blog, you need to first find a niche. This could be something that you are passionate about (e.g a hobby). Once you find your niche, you need to generate traffic to your blog. Once you start generating lots of traffic, then you can start earning big, through affiliate sales, ads, sell digital products & courses etc.

This is not a quick way to make money and there is a lot of work that goes into it. However, if you put the work into it, there is no limit to how much you can make. To get started all you need is WordPress and a web hosting platform. It is very easy and only costs $2.95 a month.

Here’s what you need to do to get started

  • Sign up to Siteground and choose a plan ($2.95 a month the cheapest plan)
  • Choose your domain name through Siteground (Normally costs around
  • Choose your wordpress plan (Free option available) and enter our details
  • Add your security plugins and away you go! You’re done

When you sign up to Siteground, the rest is very easy. It takes you through step by step what you need to do.

4. Transcriptionist

This is a pretty simple online job for college students and requires no previous experience. All you need to do is simply turn audio or spoken words into text. For example, YouTubers often want their videos in text format, for SEO purposes. Also, people who are writing a book may record everything in audio and want someone to transcribe it for them.

The pay can be low to start with, however, as you build a reputation within certain job sites, you can make more money. I would advise you to specialise within a specific topic e.g. maybe something around what you are studying in college. That can go a long way to helping you earn some extra money.

One of the biggest online sites for transcribing jobs is Rev, which pays freelancers around $0.36 per minute of audio transcribed. If you transcribe 10 hours of audio a week, you would earn yourself $216 a week, or $864 a month. Party time!

5. Resell on eBay, Etsy or Amazon

When I was in college, this was my main source of income. I was selling $3-4,000 a month of used clothing that I would find in charity shops, pawnshops, garage sales (car boot sales) etc. This does take a lot of work but once you build up enough inventory and find a steady supplier, you will be able to find your rhythm and have lots of extra spare time.

online jobs - ebay store

If you live in local, secluded areas like I did, you may not have as many big charity shops. I was able to build up relationships with the owners of small charity shops. In doing so, they were able to supply me with all of the extra stock that they didn’t sell. More often than not, some charity shops receive more clothes than they can handle and are glad to get rid of them. I would spend the weekend going around these shops and would get maybe 50 – 100 designer clothes that I would then upload to eBay & Etsy from Monday to Friday. My average cost per clothing was around $1.50 and the average sale price was $12.50.

You can also buy wholesale products to sell on Amazon. I used to buy end of line trainers and sportswear clothing and resell on Amazon. If you look through wholesale directories or places like Alibaba you could buy products for $1-5 dollars and sell for $15-30+. This way you can actually create your own product, (including logo, packaging, design) and ship your products to Amazon fulfilment centre. Then every time you make a sale, Amazon will ship your product directly to the customer and you don’t have to do anything.

6. Start a Dropship store

If you don’t have products to sell, you can still create an online store and dropship products directly to the customer. You can go through dropship supplier websites and find products that you want to sell. Once you find product line items, then you can create your own store with sites like Shopify. Your job is to drive traffic and generate sales. Once you make a sale the supplier will ship the product directly to the customer and you can put your feet up and reap the profits.

The main issue with this is the profit margins are normally significantly lower than if you were to buy the products upfront in bulk. However, it seems fair as you are not having to deal with warehouse space and cash flow problems. A lot of companies use this business model, particularly when starting out. For example, Wayfair started off as a dropshipping company and still dropship many products.

7. Data Entry

Again, this is a very straight forward job that you can do online and requires no experience. You can go on to sites like remote.co or upwork and find jobs there. This online job requires you to take data from one place and put it into another e.g excel. This is one of the easier online jobs for college students to generate a steady income to pay for your college life.

To get a data entry job, the entry barrier is quite low. You may have to take a typing speed test but for most college students growing up in the era of computers, this is an easy task.

8. Online Surveys

With online surveys, you won’t be able to earn a full-time income. Sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie & Toluna make it seem like you can earn great money. However, this isn’t the case. You need to sign up to one of these online survey sites and find a company that you want to complete surveys for. You can earn anywhere from $1-20 per survey which may take 1-2 hours to complete. This may be perfect for college students that may have otherwise been scrolling through Instagram.

Some companies offer prizes or freebies instead of monetary value. I know with Swagbucks, you can redeem points in the form of Amazon vouchers. However, for most college students you would probably prefer a good night out than a voucher.

9. Stock Photographer

stock photographer - online jobs for college students

If you have a steady hand and are strong enough to hold a camera upright you can take online freelance photography jobs.. There is a huge market for stock photography with sites like Shutterstock. Also, small businesses and amazon resellers often need people to take good product shots of their products in use. For example, they not live in areas where they could showcase their product (e.g woods) or they just don’t know how to take a good picture. Many college students find online photography jobs on Flexjobs.

You don’t need any experience to take professional-looking photographs. If you want to be really successful in this field, you can take free online beginner courses. You can even set up an online photography website and use social media to gain exposure and get jobs that way. Maybe you want to take your business offline and use your freelance services for events, parties, weddings etc.

10. Sell Your College Notes

First of all, selling your college notes is completely legal. Whereas, if you were to sell your finished coursework or assignments then this would be a big No No. If you’re the type of student to go to every class and take notes, then why not just sell them and make some extra money. In fact, you deserve to for putting in that effort, in my opinion. (I know it’s a basic requirement but well done you!).

The fact is most people don’t do this and when it comes to exam time they don’t want to buy textbooks (which are expensive) and read through loads and loads of irrelevant information. This is where your specific notes come in handy. You can sell these on-campus bulletins and online marketplaces. This is not illegal, however, some colleges may reprimand you for this, so make sure you speak to college advisors before doing so. Alternatively, you can just tutor fellow students and make some money that way.

11. Social Media Management

Many businesses or entrepreneurs don’t have the time to be uploading their social media pages every day. However, this could be the perfect online jobs for college students with plenty of time in their hands.

This is an easy job that you can do online and one day turn into a business. If you are in college then I can assume you grew up with social media playing a big part in your life, from an early age. Therefore, you know how to create an Instagram post or Tweet etc. In fact, you probably do it on a daily basis anyway.

Business owners of the older generation may not be as intuned to how the different social media platforms work. You can find online social media management jobs on places like Upwork or Fiverr and earn $100-250 a month per client posting as little as 1-2 posts a day. That is very little work for getting paid good money. For example; if you look on Fiverr, here is an example of someone offering their services for £162 for 1 post a day for 30 days.

fiverr - social media management jobs

This person has got 22 orders in the queue, meaning they probably manage 30 – 50 accounts making $5K+ a month. With this, the only limiting factor is how many accounts you can take on at once.

12. Social Media Marketing

With social media marketing, you can make a lot more money than even social media management. If you have no experience with paid advertising, you can take free & paid online courses and even teach yourself through youtube videos etc. Facebook, Snapchat, and all the social media platforms offer free courses on paid ads. However, I would advise you to try and get Facebook ads certified.

Again, many entrepreneurs and small businesses do not know how to advertise properly or just want someone to manage their ad spend. You could earn $30-50 an hour or earn 10-20% commission of ad spend. If digital marketing is a career that you want to pursue, then this is a great way to start and get your foot in the door.

13. Create a Course

If you dig deep enough into your brain, you will realise that you have a skill or knowledge that you could teach someone. We are all unique and wonderful, and if you are in college then it means you are good at something. For example, look at what you are studying. Would you be able to create a course (even relatively basic) for someone like me?

thinkific - create a course online

You can create a course easily through platforms like Teachable or Thinkific. Both platforms offer a free version that you can try out and get started. You can create a course on just about anything. If you look at online course platforms like udemy you will see courses related to Business, Marketing, Graphic Design, DIY, etc. Just find something that you are either interested in or knowledgeable in and create your own course. Then you can start to market and sell it through social media platforms and building an email list.

14. Video Editor

You can find video editing jobs online on places like upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour, etc. All you need to is video editing software on your laptop and some time on your hands. Video editing can be a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it can be fairly easy. Just choose an editing software like imovie and find some work.

Most work is quite basic. You will be given a large video that you need to cut and edit so that there are no bloopers (so to speak). Based on experience, you can earn anywhere between $20-100 for video. Again, if you ever want to get a job as a video editor, this is a gateway into this field as you can gain experience and build a portfolio.

15. Graphic Design

There are varying levels of graphic design online jobs that could be suitable for college students. Some jobs may be for more advanced people like creating art or illustrations. Whereas, you could be creating a logo that doesn’t require advanced skills. There are websites that you can pay monthly, that can generate brilliant logos if you type in the brand name. Very few people are going to pay monthly for these services, especially as they only need one logo. That is where you can look at the monthly payment as a business investment. After you create a few logos, you break even and the rest is profit.

With graphics design, there is quite strong competition so you may have to charge a low price to compete. However, like the other online jobs on the list, the more reputable you become, the more you can charge. Many college students studying graphic design often do freelance to make money during college and to gain experience.

16. Voice-over work

With podcasts becoming more and more popular, the demand for voice over work is higher than ever. If you think you have a good radio voice then this would be the ideal online job for you. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a radio voice to get an online voice-over job.

If you go to places like Fiverr, you will find people are just looking for someone to talk professionally over a video or maybe want a male or female voice. So it’s actually not that hard to get started. Just get yourself a high-quality mic and choose a platform to find online jobs. College students can use their dorm room as a studio.

17. Create a Podcast

create a podcast - online jobs for college students

As I mentioned before, podcasts have become so popular that some podcasters are making great money. It is a convenient way now for people to consume media. The number of YouTubers that are branching to podcasts is becoming more and more each week. Again, if you are in your college dorm room and have a little bit of privacy, this may be a viable income stream for you.

In terms of how to make money with a podcast, there are several ways to monetise it. You can make money through affiliate marketing, sponsors, crowdfunding, Donations, and Premium content. According to AdvertiseCast , the average 30 second CPM (Cost Per 1K listeners) are $18, while 60 second CPM’s are $25. So to make money you need to create great content and market your podcast well. You could also use your podcast to promote a course or digital products or any of your services.

18. Virtual Assistant

If you’re a jack of all trades type of character then this an online job for you. You don’t really need any experience to be a VA, just be well organized and be able to work efficiently. As a VA, you could be doing a wide variety of tasks from data entry to answering phone calls. In terms of salary, you could actually make more per hour than an office assistant, all while working from your college dorm room.

Large Companies are navigating towards outsourcing freelance VA’s and moving away from hiring in-house assistants. This can be more cost-effective as they are paying to cover specific administrative duties on a task by task basis. You could earn $10-20 an hour if you sign up to websites like Flexjobs or Fiverr.

19. Interpreter/Translator

An obvious barrier to entry requirements to this online job is to speak at least two languages. Some translator jobs you may find online will have a fixed contract (maybe 6 months). However, there are more flexible hours that you can work, to suit your college life.

You can go to websites like Freelancer and earn $20-30 p/h. So if you have a second language and are in college, put your talents to good use and make some money.

20. Become an Influencer

We’re living in an age where everyone wants to be an influencer. The fact is though there are so many opportunities now particularly with Instagram and Tik Tok. All you need is one viral video to kickstart your influencer career. Most cases though it takes a lot of work to grow your social media profiles. Influencers get paid by companies (big or small) to promote their products. In fact, you can actually become an influencer with as little as 1,000 followers (called nano influencers).

The idea is to pick a niche that you want to create content in (e.g travel, fitness, comedy), and through time, when you build enough followers, you can start to reach out to companies. There are varying factors that determine pay scale e.g. number of followers and Average Engagement Rate. If you get really big (50K + followers) you may start getting paid $800+ for one single sponsored post, with influencers with 1m+ followers getting paid more than $10K per post.

21. Game Tester

game tester - online jobs for college students

This may be one of the most perfect online jobs for college students. Playing games and getting paid to play them. You definitely don’t need a college degree for this job. As long as you are comfortable with a controller in your hands, you’re good to go.

For a game tester job you are required to test the latest games for bugs and glitches before they’re released. In all honesty, it doesn’t seem as good as it sounds. You will be required to play on the same level repeatedly for hours, playing out every type of scenario to test for bugs. Then you will be required to write out the specific details of any bug and give feedback and suggestions to improve the game.

Another way you could earn money by playing your PlayStation is by charging people to play with you. Yes, as lucrative as this sounds, this is true. If you go on fiverr, you will see people charging around $10 p/h for playing video games. This is a weird world that we live in but if you just want to make a few extra bucks while you are at college then exploit the weirdness.

where to find online jobs for college students

Many of the online jobs mentioned above you can find on places like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Flexjobs, remote.co. I would advise signing up for a few of these sites to increase your chances of getting an online job. All of these online jobs do not require any experience but do require a certain level of knowledge or self-learning.

I would recommend looking at something that you are good at or want to learn more about. That way it won’t seem as much a job, but a hobby that you get paid to do. Also, you might surprise yourself and start earning more than you would have ever even dreamt of and by the end of college, you may not even need to look for a job. One last piece of advice, you should create a website to offer your services also as it looks more professional. This also allows you to charge higher prices for your services and make more money.

best online jobs for college Students – summary

For most, college is a once in a lifetime experience that requires money to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Just because you are living student life, doesn’t mean that you need to be living on noodles and pasta every single night.

Figure out how much extra money you need to make a week that enables you to eat decent food and go out and have fun. If you don’t fancy working behind a till all day long, then go online and find yourself a job that fits your talents and schedule. This doesn’t have to be the goal but it could be a starting point for you to realize that the sky is the limit.

If you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment and I will respond on marktreanor.co.uk.

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