Why you need to be using Facebook cbo in 2020

In the near future, you will only be able to run Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) campaigns. This was meant to be rolled out at the end of 2019 but was postponed. However, it will be enrolled soon. Therefore, we may as well get used to running these campaigns as it will be the only option. For anyone that has not run a CBO campaign, you do not need to allocate specific ad set budgets. Instead, we let Facebook optimize towards the best performing ad sets. However, we can place ad set budget caps in order to control spends between ad set.

What is Facebook CBO?

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation allows for more automated optimisations. Facebook will distribute campaign budget across multiple ad sets based on performance. Its purpose is to make the most efficient use of budget spends optimizing towards the campaign objective.

With Facebook CBO, Facebook will automatically allocate more budget to the best performing ad sets. As an advertiser, this makes more sense as it means that we are optimizing towards the best audiences, placements and creatives in order to drive optimal results. This does, however, create complications as it is more difficult to manage ad set budgets. Facebook will just take liberty and optimize the ad set driving the best results.

One issue that I have encountered with Facebook CBO is that if you are scheduling product launches (ad sets), it can be difficult to for ad sets to build up spend when other ad sets are live. Say for example; one ad set starts 2 weeks before another. If the first ad set is performing very well, it can be difficult for the 2nd ad set to build up momentum. As I mentioned, Facebook CBO optimises towards the best performing ad set, therefore, ad sets that have been live longer may get of spends.

How to Set up Facebook CBO Campaign

Setting up a Facebook CBO campaign is not much different than a normal Facebook Ad Camapaign. There are two ways to do this. You can create the campaign as normal and then in the campaign section, just click the CBO tab. The other way (in the Quick Set Up mode) is to simply click the CBO tab. Either way, it’s pretty simple.

Setting Minimum and Maximum ad set budgets can not guarantee you that your ad set will spend this amount. However, it can help you manage ad set spends to some degree. It will never be as accurate as the old methods, but still manageable.

Regardless, there are benefits to running Facebook CBO campaigns.

Benefits of Running Facebook CBO Campaigns

More Automated – Less Manual work

  • With this campaign type, there will be less need to manually optimise between ad sets as Facebook will do the leg work for you. You may prefer to have more control over optimisation and ad set spends. However, as this is going to be mandatory, there is no point disputing it. We will still be able to optimise creatives within the best performing ad sets.
  • If you are required to spend a certain level of budget for an ad set, then you may have to be more vigilant in keeping an eye on spends to ensure you hit your quota.

Drive Better Results

When choosing a campaign objective, our goal is to drive the strongest possible results across the main KPI’s. A rationale for this strategy is that if we optimise towards these KPI’s, then we should see the best results over the campaign.

Even if we want to run several ad sets to test a variable, e.g Audience, as long as we are driving strong performances it shouldn’t matter if one audience is not spending much of the overall budget. We are still driving the best performance for that objective.

Drawbacks to using Facebook CBO

Not giving new Ad Sets a chance to perform

One of my main concerns with running Facebook CBO campaigns is that it may not give new ad sets a chance to perform. For example, say you have one audience ad set performing really strong and you want to add a lookalike audience and include this to the campaign. This ad set won’t have any performance data behind it and therefore, may get less of a chance to excel.

My Overall Thoughts on using Facebook CBO

For me, there is no point dwelling over this change to Facebook Advertising. The only option is to jump on board and adapt to using it. There are strong benefits to using Facebook CBO as mentioned above and think overall it is a good thing.

It does tend to drive stronger performances than using separate budgets for each ad set. It also makes things a bit easier when testing audiences. Facebook will optimise towards the best performing audience or ad set, this saves you some legwork.

One thing I will say is, If you are working with a client that requires you to hit certain quotas or budgets for audiences or placements, just educate them on this change. If not, you can always run separate campaigns with an ad set if you do need to hit these spends.

Need Help/Advice on Facebook CBO?

If you are looking for further advice or help on this you can contact me (marktreanor.co.uk) as I have run many Facebook CBO campaigns over the past year or so in particular so I should be able to help.

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